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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you"

Frank Lloyd Wright from "The Wright Style" Carla Lind 1992


Research and Design believe architecture is primal -  for the spirit and inextricably tied to the landscape and nature that surrounds it. We support biophilic design, a sustainable type of design that integrates nature with architecture to increase our connection with the natural world.  We believe this connection is essential for both our physical well being and our spirtual well being.


A Civilization in Contradiction and a Shift in Consciousness

Some would say we live in a civilization that is in contradiction with life itself.

It is a civilization that is hard wired to exploit the earth, and to divide people and to destroy the environment. It is a civilization in denial towards the importance of our connection to nature. Combined with our obession of the photographic image, computers and virtual reality. It is also a civilization that has created an increasing separation between ourselves and the natural world.  


Historically, architecture, in terms of the way buildings are designed has supported this culture. It can be argued that biophilic design has the potential to be a paradigm shift in an architectural design culture that has shown little change in this regard since the beaux arts traditions of the 19th century.


Biophilic Design offers an opportunity to redress this imbalance in our culture and the way we relate to the environment. It represents a fundamental shift in consciousness towards a love of nature versus the exploitation of nature. Traditionally people have related to architecture as an image and as something external to themselves. Biophilic Design recognizes the internal benefits and the needs that direct contact with nature and natural elements has on our minds, bodies and spirits.


In designing with these values, we benefit as individuals, as a society and our environment benefits. Biophilic Design acknowledges not only the impact we have on nature (ie green building technologies) but more importantly the recognition of the impacts that nature has on ourselves as human beings.


It is common sense, it is our birthright: that when human beings have a connection with our natural surroundings, sunlight, with plants and trees and water, the landscape; the verifiable impact and results are reduced levels of stress, we perform better at our workplaces and we heal faster in our hospitals and not only this -  we begin to redress the imbalace of a civilization in contradiction.






Biophilic Design  

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