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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you"

Frank Lloyd Wright from "The Wright Style" Carla Lind 1992


Research and Design believe architecture is primal -  for the spirit and inextricably tied to the landscape and nature that surrounds it. We support biophilic design, a sustainable type of design that integrates nature with architecture to increase our connection with the natural world.  We believe this connection is essential for not only our physical well being but also our spirtual well being.


Why Biophilic Design is Important

A good connection to our natural surroundings is essential to what make us human – some would say our birthright. What we are as human beings cannot be separated from nature, for example the stars at night, the horizon, access to fresh air, and sunlight.  


In an age of climate change and the destruction of much of the natural world around us, western culture pushes us not to embrace nature but instead to turn towards fashionable images of glossy magazines, to computer screens or virtual reality headsets.  


Biophilic design is so important because it provides an alternative to this, an opportunity to embrace nature and value nature as the premium design value. Nature as life sustaining. Nature as healing. Architectural design that endeavours to be not as image, not as fantasy, not as pretension, not as art but as a simple and profound connection with our natural surroundings.


Beneficial Effects

There are numerous "beneficial effects" such as plants cleaning the air of harmful vocs indoor or increasing worker performance in an office environment but it is in the immeasurable ways that biophilic design is so successful -   how do you measure the healing or even spiritual effect of a space where you can actually, for real, relax and meditate and feel connected to the natural world. The health effects and the healing effects are common sense.


So biophilic design is part attitude towards valuing the role that nature has in our lives, part science, partly spiritual to different degrees for different people. This means that biophilic design can provide a language for architectural design, and point towards ways of doing things that adress these concerns.




Biophilic Design  

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