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Sustainable design and new material and construction technolgies have made massive leaps of progress recently towards avoiding pollution, eliminating chemical toxins, minimizing waste, increasing energy efficientcy, decreasing water and other resouce use, mitigating adverse ecological impacts and reducing carbon immissions.


Biophilic design incorporates these advancements and takes things further. Biophilic design focuses on reintegrating nature into our day to day lives. and in so doing, regain health and physical and spiritual well being.


Is Biophilic Design something that people are perhaps doing when they design houses and extensions or plan renovation projects without even realising it?


Biophilic design explores the way you live in the house in terms of the natural elements that surround it.


Research + Design believe that when you take a human being and put them in an artificial box, disconnected from the nature and life that surrounds it, its inevitable that consequences to health and well being are going to appear.


Biophilic design acknowledges age old rituals of the way we eat, sleep, bath and live in relationship to the natural environment. Biophilic design acknowledges our beginnings - our roots.


Research + Design strive in all of our projects from the smallest extension to the largest development to incorporate biophilic design and its values into our designs.


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Biophilic Design

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